Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pictures around the house

So, most of my day today is involved catching up on chores...nothing too exciting.  But, I did find a few things to share.

 For instance, the back of the shed, in the area next to the garden. This is where Nick will begin building our chicken coop this weekend! A little bit of cleaning out still to be done by me...but I moved all the rocks that were bordering around the back of the shed (the previous home owners had used that area as a small garden). I used them to line the edge of the garden.  
The amount of energy I used up moving them was super disappointing hahaha! Hopefully garden work will fix THAT over the next few weeks!

With the kids at school, it's just me and Mollee rooting around outside today...she keeps me company. I can't believe she was left in a high kill shelter!! She is *such* a good, family dog.  I love her.

It's about time to get this set back up! I can't wait. I love LOVE sheets and towels hung to dry. Nick *hates* what he refers to as 'crispy clothes' from hanging out. I was told a few ways to avoid that, so I'm eager to try this year!

I found this bucket out in the shed. It's coming in to the house for me to use each day in gathering what goes out to the compost pile. Of course, I anticipate it'll spend more time just-outside-the-house on the back porch...I don't know how Nick will feel about it sitting on the counter until the end of the day! haha!

We are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors that share the bounty of their mushroom harvest with us!! This is going to be great in my favorite pasta recipe tomorrow!!

And, last but not least, today is my 'sprout day'. We are out, so time to grow some more!! I'm hoping, if I can get all my chores and goals done for today it'll be a 'bread day' too and I can make a few loaves of bread!!

What are you finding around the house today? How is your weather? Spring here? or is it still a little wintery for you?  Do you do anything on certain 'days', like sprout or bread day? 


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  1. This whole post made me a tad jealous but more excited than jealous. :P I want a yard to be able to have a garden and chickens and a puppy actually bigger than my cat and neighbors who share their produce with me and have a bread day! Yet, I love the way you live your life and am quite happy that you have such things that it makes up for my quite small stab of jealousy. :D

    I'm finding the normal things around the house. The weather is strange, sunny to rain to sunny again. Which defines our spring here quite perfectly. And no I don't really have certain "days" because I take each moment as it comes and what I feel the day or period of time calls for. :P